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Hand-Poured Soap

October 14th, 2008 by Cobwebs

SoapFlickr user de-kay has a photoset of handmade soaps, many with a spooky theme. I’m particularly taken with these skulls and these embedded shapes.

This is an easy project which would make a cute (and inexpensive!) gift. Unlike making soap from scratch–which really isn’t that hard; I’ll do a post on it some time–making melt-and-pour soap isn’t much harder than melting and, um, pouring. The Teach Soap site (which is an awesome resource) has a short tutorial on making soap with embedded shapes. You simply put an opaque soap shape in the bottom of a mold and pour transparent glycerin soap over it. (Instead of soap, you can also embed plastic spiders or other creepy-crawlies; kids particularly enjoy these.)

Shaped soaps like the skulls are even easier: Just pour the melted soap base into the mold and let harden. The HGTV site has a guide for making three different soaps, including bone and coffin shapes.

In addition to soap molds, many candy and candle molds are also suitable for soaping. Just make sure that they’re small enough to turn out reasonably-sized chunks of soap; a huge three-D skull might look good, but nobody’s going to want to use it if it weighs four pounds.

This would be a good time to stock up, as most retailers should have their seasonal molds out. You can find soap-making supplies at many large craft chains as well as online (this place seems to have a fairly good selection). You can experiment with all kinds of scents and colorants and turn out something really unique.

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