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Vampire Wine Special at winewoot

October 15th, 2008 by Cobwebs

Vampire WineI just got this in the mail:

Dear Mortals and Immortals,

We are pleased to offer a special once in an eternity deal to all our vampire friends over 21 mortal years of age. The deal is available only at, and the offer is: 2 bottles of our Chateau du Vampire and 2 bottles of our Dracula Syrah for a limited time offer of $49.99 with an unbelievable shipping price of just $5.00.

The deal expires on Wednesday or until they sell out, so act fast if interested.

If you read this email too late, or just get to it too late, please be reassured that we will be continuing to offer these wines at site.

Yours faithfully,
Vampire Vineyards

Vampire Wines are in the “meh” category for taste, but they’ve got oodles of style. This price is only slightly cheaper than the regular prices on their site, although shipping is less. If you can’t find the wines locally (most places that sell wine stock it around Halloween), this might be a good deal.

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