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Link Dump: Spooky Stuff

October 10th, 2008 by Cobwebs

Sweet Skulls – Blog devoted to “the image of the skull as seen in past years in horror movie posters, Halloween decorations, spooky sound effects records, books, comics, monster magazines, etc.”

Grip the Knowing – An article about Charles Dickens’ pet raven Grip, whose inclusion in Barnaby Rudge wound up inspiring a certain famous poem.

Entrances to Hell – It’s good to keep track of these, you know.

Two spooky sets of playing cards: Skulls and Skeletons and Tragic Royalty.

Halloween Glass Ornaments – All kinds of items for your Halloween tree.

Claymation Zombie Movies – Very gory. (I don’t explain ’em, I just report ’em.)

Play with Spider – A Flash-based widget that lets you drag a very realistic spider around, and drop insects for him to eat. Play with the sliders for extra creepiness.

Tombstone Tutorial – RavenTalker has an easy tutorial for making tombstones out of foam.

Monster Brains – “From the infernal creatures to the delerium, you will take pleasure.” Blog devoted to all kinds of creepy imagery.

The 1932 movie Freaks is available for download at This is a seminal and disturbing film, long considered a cult classic.

Xibalba Found – Archaeologists may have discovered Xibalba, the Mayan version of Hell, near the Yucatan Peninsula.

Find Your Vampire Name (Okay, this one isn’t that spooky.)

Manifesto Press – Stationery and other ephemera, including some nice woodcut-style skeleton bookplates.

Haunted Memories – Lenticular photos that change depending upon the angle they’re viewed from. Someday when I’m rich I want about six of these.

How to Embalm a Body – The Novice at The Morning News writes about a visit to a funeral home.

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