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Creepy Cherubs

November 3rd, 2008 by Cobwebs

CherubsHere’s a lovely, simple idea for turning inexpensive statuary into something spooky. The Gerbera Designs blog offers instructions for converting ceramic cherubs into little demons.

Their method involves adding horns and other excrescences with Sculpey and then baking the whole thing. You could probably also mold the horns on the statue, carefully remove them, bake them separately, then glue them back in place.

I like the drippy, stained painting effect on these, but there are loads of other ways you could spook them up a bit. Most craft stores sell faux finish kits that mimic verdigris and rust, if you’d prefer a metallic look. A spattering of dull green paint can replicate moss or mold.

If the statues you get are weatherproof, you can grow real moss on them: Stick a handful of moss and a cup of plain yogurt in a blender, whirl into a slurry, then paint the results thickly on the statue and put in a damp place outside. (Also a great way to quickly make terra-cotta flowerpots look old and weathered.) Obviously, you’d want to keep these outside instead of welcoming them back into your boudoir.

This would be a good way to make over all kinds of cutesy statuary. A massed group of these would look great on a mantel or bookshelf.

Link (via CRAFT)

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