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Bloody Awesome Dining Room

November 14th, 2008 by Cobwebs

Dexter ChairMetropolitan Home Magazine recently did a “Showtime House” feature, asking designers to decorate rooms in themes inspired by various Showtime series: The Tudors living room, Weeds lounge, and so forth. The dining room had a Dexter theme, featuring blood spatter-embroidered chairs, gory plates, and fingerprinted glassware.

Setting the mood are Amy Lau’s chairs, elegant, wounded and slashed; the clean, protective plastic tablecloth; the blood vials centerpieces. The table is surrounded by Steven Antonson’s candlesticks, reminiscent of vertebrae and filled with blood red candles, they easily fit a murderer’s grip. Sip fine wines from Thomas Fuchs/Otium designed glassware with luminous ‘blood -filled’ stems and ominous fingerprints. Chose your weapon. Savor the delectable dinner while challenged by Steve Butcher’s dismembered flatware, a fascinating and disturbing set. Nadeige Choplet’s handmade ceramic plates celebrate the love of blood via an intricate pattern of blood splatters, veins and capillaries under a delicate porcelain skin; and finally dessert can be enjoyed on Klein Reid’s fine porcelain, served with the fine trace of a fingerprint.

The designer, Amy Lau, has also made a few of the pieces used in the model room available at Spring3D. Unsurprisingly, they’re fairly pricey–$2500 for a chair, for example–but they might be useful to get your own creative juices flowing.

The ultramodern design scheme is something that tends to underrepresented in gothy decorating, so if your tastes run in that direction this might be good inspiration for your own home. I’m impressed with how effective the blood-red accents are against the mostly-white interior.

(via BoingBoing)

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