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Eye See You

November 16th, 2008 by Cobwebs

EyeApplique involves sewing a cutout to the top of a piece of fabric. Reverse applique involves sewing a cutout under a piece of fabric, then cutting away the top fabric to display the underlying applique. Creative Kismet has come up with a very cool variation on this, where the cutouts in question are eyeballs.

Her version uses fabric paint. You could also do this with felt or fabric, sewing or gluing the layers together. I think it’d be particularly entertaining to do an “Eye of Sauron” T-shirt using this technique.

Obviously, you could do other interesting shapes too, as long as they’re simple. The technique doesn’t lend itself too well to lots of little fiddly edges and corners, but skulls or bats or whatnot would be cute, too.

Link (via Dabbled)

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