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Creepy Doll Roundup

November 21st, 2008 by Cobwebs

Headless HistoricalsMental Floss recently posted an article on several “offbeat” dolls, including the Headless Historicals shown here. That reminded me to dig up a couple of other doll-related links that have been mouldering in my Drafts folder.

Marina Bychkova’s The Enchanted Doll features her astonishingly detailed porcelain dolls (borderline NSFW, depending upon your company’s policy regarding ceramic boobies) with astonishing lifelike features. Several of her works involve alternative views of well-known literary characters; her Bride of Frankenstein, for instance, is blonde “to contrast the iconic image of the movie’s version, and also to play on the idea of the body’s low Melanin levels. I imagine that when she was alive she was bright and vibrant with dark eyes and raven hair, but the postmortem trauma to her body and the mechanical process of reanimating her corpse had changed its molecular composition.”

For the serious crafter, there are also Artmaze’s Elfdolls. They’re extraordinarily detailed “blanks” that you can customize to your heart’s content. See this article for a look at some doll-modding possibilities. They ain’t cheap–they start at around $500–but they definitely qualify as artworks instead of toys.

Finally, check out The Dollings, morose little dolls with tragic backstories. And some of them have two heads. How could you not be charmed?

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