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“Natural” Jewelry

November 26th, 2008 by Cobwebs

Bone JewelryYou know what we don’t have enough of around here? Jewelry made from animal parts. Fortunately, that’s easily correctible.

Etsy shop Beloved & Co. sells all kinds of interesting vintage accoutrements, including many that involve animal bits. I’m particularly taken with this antique Raven Beak Pendant. This seller also runs the Cabinet of Curiosities blog.

Another Etsy seller, Abysmal, mixes delicate little animal bones with beads and other pretty things to make lovely items like the Cry of the Butterfly choker, shown above. Her items are surprisingly inexpensive, and she donates a portion of the sale to the wild bird center that supplies many of her bones.

For something a little more “in your face” dead animal-wise, Custom Creature Taxidermy offers items like muskrat foot earrings and pendants made of vials containing pickled baby mice.

I’ve also run across several mentions of work by The Squirrel Hole, but there’s currently a “Customer Has Exceeded Bandwidth” notice at the site. Hopefully it’ll be back up soon and we can check out the squirrel bits.

And, of course, there’s always the old standard grouse claw, a popular Victorian accessory. It’s also a traditional Scottish ornament, and can often be found at suppliers of Scottish dance attire.

Jewelry made of bones is an interesting and subtle way to add a bit of spookiness to your everyday garb. (It’s also an excellent icebreaker at parties.) Add a few vertebrae to your life today!

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