The Art of Darkness

Artist Fred Einaudi

November 6th, 2008 by Cobwebs

PatriotFred Einaudi specializes in “apocalyptic art,” presenting horrific images of death and destruction in iconic styles such as WWII propaganda posters and elegant Victorian portraits. The result is haunting, depicting little girls playing “nurse” with their deformed pet cats and corpses floating serenely in clear blue lakes.

These paintings are disproportionately creepy, and I think it’s the calmness of their subjects. A girl in a pinafore and gas mask lolling lazily in an arm chair is somehow much more unsettling than if she seemed distressed to be wearing the gas mask. I’m enormously taken with the style and execution of these portraits; the discomfiture they cause is somehow attractive rather than offputting.

The artist is talking about offering limited-edition prints, so if you’re interested you can request more information at his site.

Link (via io9)

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