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Sale at Anatomical

November 19th, 2008 by Cobwebs

Boris the BatThe Anatomical Chart Company, long-time friends of the Halloween crowd due to their bargain pricing on good-looking skeletons,* is having a big clearance sale. They’ve got all kinds of charts, models, reference materials, and bones!

There are a few really good deals to be had, such as Boris the Bat here (marked down from $65 to $26.50). He’d be an interesting accent piece on a bookshelf or coffee table. They’ve also got a bunch of novelties that would make amusing stocking stuffers, like the spine tie and muscle socks. Some of their charts would make interesting pop-art pieces in a kitchen or family room, too. I like the skull one in particular.

I can vouch for their quality and service, so now’s your chance to stock up on some unique decorative items.

*A few years ago they were having trouble with one of their suppliers and ran out of their inexpensive fourth-class skeletons, so they announced that they would briefly sell their first-class skeletons for the cheaper price. I informed Shadow Jack that he had just bought me my anniversary present. (And he nodded absently, which is why I love him.) It arrived, disarticulated in a big shipping box, on the same day that we’d arranged for a guy to run some cable in our basement. After running the line he came back upstairs to find me gleefully attaching the legs to my skeleton. I said, by way of explanation, “It’s my anniversary present.” He, um, didn’t hang around long.

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