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Monster Motorcycle Helmets

April 16th, 2009 by Cobwebs

HelmetWell, poo. The Craiglist ad for these has been removed by the author, so I don’t know if they’re available for sale any more. Regardless, there’s still some awesome inspiration for a DIY version.

A Brazilian artist (not named in the Gizmodo article) affixed bones, teeth and “fine stones” to a standard open-faced motorcycle helmet to make these amazing monster helmets. These are what Orcs would wear if they rode Harleys.

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Desktop Graveyard

April 15th, 2009 by Cobwebs

GraveyardHere’s a fun little project I just finished: Teensy cemeteries under glass. They’re the perfect size for a desk or bookshelf, and they’re not hard to make.

I’ve posted a tutorial here, including a variation that fits into a jelly jar. Give somebody a pocketful of death today!

p.s. – I finally got ambitious and put up a Tutorials page, just in case you don’t want to dig through my entire archive. (What’s wrong with you?)

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Bearded Dragons as Pets

April 14th, 2009 by Cobwebs

Shadowboy and FriendI’ve previously talked about the gothy possibilities of keeping rats as pets,* but realized that I’ve never mentioned another excellent choice, the Bearded Dragon.

One of the major advantages that beardies have over most other reptiles is that they’re very docile. Most snakes and lizards don’t like to be held and try to escape whenever you pick them up. Beardies don’t mind being handled and can even be carried around on your shoulder. (Part of this is their lifestyle: Bearded Dragons feed by sitting still until something edible walks by, then rushing out and grabbing it. So they spend about 90% of their time sitting around anyway.) If you play with them regularly they’ll get comfortable enough to eat out of your hand, and they’re generally very reluctant to bite.** Overall they act much more “pet” than “trapped.”

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The Underbiters

April 13th, 2009 by Cobwebs

GruffCheck out these cute little guys. Ghoul Friday was experimenting with Super Sculpey recently and started making miniature monsters. She’s got a whole rogue’s gallery of them now and she’s detailing each one’s behavior on her site.

The only reason I know about her is because she likes to gloat. She’ll wait for me, perched on the overturned bag of garbage in the kitchen.

Or she’ll sit at the end of the hallway, metal screws poking from her mouth; screws that no doubt belonged to a hinge somewhere in the house. She likes taking the ones from the hinges because I get mad when the cupboard comes off in my hand or the front door won’t open properly.

I’m totally going to start blaming minor household malfunctions on Underbiters.

They’re all wonderfully unique but they all have such winsome little smiles. Go check out the whole collection. (She’s promised a tutorial at some unspecified future date, so keep an eye out for that as well.)


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Oh No, Another Link Dump

April 10th, 2009 by Cobwebs

I save every link that I might want to turn into a post, and eventually my Drafts folder threatens to collapse in upon itself and form a Blog Singularity that will destroy the Earth. So by weeding out links occasionally I’m actually saving the planet. You guys should thank me.

Friday the 12th – Cute little T-shirt from Snorgtees.

Parents Just Don’t Understand – Amusing “To Kill a Mockingbird”/”The Exorcist” mashup painting.

i-Toad – The Felting & Fiber site put together an astonishingly lifelike horned toad cover for a Roomba vacuum. I love the idea of something like this skittering around my floor.

Clockwork Couture – Flash “paper doll” with a closet full of steampunk-inspired clothing. I want everything in her wardrobe.

Blot Und Eisen – “Talented individuals” (all of whom so far are musicians) are shown Rorschach ink blots and their replies are posted on this blog. Some are weird, some are hilarious.

All I really needed to know about fatherhood I learned in Evil Dead 2 – This is rather eerily accurate.

Edgar Allan Poe Stamps – US postage only, I’m afraid. This would be the perfect stamp for sending out Hallowedding invitations.

Best Funeral Ever – This was actually an April Fool’s post by Improv Everywhere, claiming that they had crashed a funeral and pretended to be mourners. I actually sort of love the idea of finding a funeral with very few attendees and bulking up the crowd. But maybe that’s just me.

Shelves for Life – Wooden bookshelf that can be converted into a coffin.

Ety seller CraftyHedgehog, whose knitted dissections I’ve mentioned previously, has outdone herself with a new Easter Bunny dissection.

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Lady Artisan’s Apron

April 9th, 2009 by Cobwebs

Steampunk PatchI wandered over to Trystan’s Gothic Martha Stewart site for the first time in quite a while, and discovered that she’s split off a new area called Trystan’s Closet. She has loads of lovely costumes to explore, but I was particularly taken by the simplicity and cleverness of her steampunk apron.

She doesn’t give any details about actual construction, but there’s certainly enough information to inspire something similar. I especially love the “band patches” she came up with to decorate the apron, all taken from Victorian novels. I’m going to need to make up some of those to stitch on a steampunky jacket.

This would be fun to wear as a hall costume at a convention, but it’s also functional as a real apron. Wear it in the kitchen or garage and add all kinds of style to an otherwise-mundane piece of clothing.

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Fake Decorative Candles

April 8th, 2009 by Cobwebs

CandleThe marvelously talented Dave Lowe, who has a job that requires him to do things like find a storage location for ten gallons of slime, recently posted about a little throwaway detail he noticed at Disneyland: Prop candles made from wood and hot glue.

Unlike many props which are far beyond my meagre abilities, this is something that isn’t hard to do. I’ve posted a tutorial if you’d like to try it yourself.

This is a fun and easy way to add a lot of drama to interior decor. Wooden candles are less fragile and much longer-lasting than real ones, you can paint them to match your room, and you can make them look as drippy and gothic as you want.

If you’ve got a bare corner that you don’t know what to do with, a big candelabra filled with spooky-looking candles might be just the thing.

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Pulse Ring

April 7th, 2009 by Cobwebs

Pulse RingGiving new meaning to the phrase “with every beat of my heart,” the Pulse Ring from C. Roule Design features a custom EKG engraving on the inside of the band.

Send them an EKG printout and they will create a ring engraved with the pulse pattern, name, and date. This would be a unique and very personal wedding ring, but you could also have an engraving of, say, your baby’s heartbeat from an ultrasound or the EKG of a loved one who’s recovered from illness.

The rings come in several different metals and pricing starts at $495. They also offer a Pulse Pendant, starting at $795.

Their online store is “under construction” and their downloadable order form is a bit flaky,* but the form lists as a contact e-mail so you could probably just write and ask for ordering details.

(Incidentally, you could go DIY with the personalized-EKG idea and paint or embroider a pattern on decorative objects or clothing. The rings are very pretty, though.)

*It has a “.pdf.bin” extension: If you’re running a Mac, drop the file into StuffIt. If you’re on Windows, change the extension to “.pdf”. If you’re on Linux, good for you!

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Sugar Skull Easter Eggs

April 6th, 2009 by Cobwebs

Skull EggReign Trading, which sells Mexican sugar skull molds and supplies, has posted some very cool ideas for making panoramic Easter eggs decorated like calaveras. Their tutorial is here.

They don’t sell the egg molds, but they’re easy to find at cake-supply and hobby shops or online. If you don’t feel like digging around the site, their recipes for sugar skull mix and royal icing are here.

I love the way they’ve detailed their eggs, using little folk art skeletons for the “surprise inside” and adding handmade Mexican roses and mini-sugar skulls on the top. I also really like the bright colors and “we’re using skulls but it’s perfectly natural” vibe of these eggs (although I like the idea of a black-and-scarlet egg with a graveyard scene inside too). Once dry the eggs will last for years, so you could make a tradition out of decorating a different egg every year and adding it to your collection.

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Duck! It’s Another Link Dump!

April 3rd, 2009 by Cobwebs

Zombie StomperA commenter asked me a while back how I managed to find all this stuff. The short answer: I read too damn many blogs.

Zombie Stompers – Platform peeptoe shoes with a zombie motif (shown at left) from the UK. I don’t know what they charge to ship to the US, but I may soon find out.

Camille Rose Garcia Custom Wallpaper – Coolest. Wallpaper. Ever.

Stephen Einhorn – UK-based retailer offers gorgeous skull-and-crossbone-shaped bathroom faucets.

Zombie Playground – Rather chilling art print of kids on a playground fighting off a horde of zombie children.

208 OSEOsidades – A collection of 21 bronze sculptures by artist Saúl Hernández depicting gorgeously-detailed skeletons engaged in everyday activities.

Blood-Themed Furniture & Interior Design – WebUrbanist rounds up ten home design ideas with a “blood” theme. I love the table that appears to be made of blood frozen in mid-drip.

Pop Pillows – Pillowcases with trompe-l’oeil printing that give a sleeper’s head devil horns, a bloody axe in the noggin, and more.

Gothic Weddings Dream Team – Wedding Skulls mentions an Etsy feature of which I was previously unaware. Absolutely gorgeous stuff.

Vampires are in the news a lot lately. A Boston headmaster assures the public that there are no vampires at his school. This may be because they apparently have a school of their own. The Punk Rock Operations Research blog bursts our bubble with the marvelously-titled On Vampires and Stochastic Processes, showing with mathematical modeling why the vampire population couldn’t be stable. And Atom has a quick overview entitled The Evolution of the Modern Vampire (as a headliner on Fark subtitled it, “From Douche to Twilight”)

The First Church of the Intergalactic Fruitbat Steve – Now this is a religion I could endorse.

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