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Teardrop Memories

April 1st, 2009 by Cobwebs

Mourning BroochHere’s an antique shop worth a look: Teardrop Memories, in New Hope, PA, specializes in “Memento Mori, Vintage Goth, and Victoriana.”

Fine funeral fancies, exit strategies and vintage tangible aids to the grieving process abound. Rare cemetery memorial ornaments, antiquarian books and photographic images post mortem, and just plain bizarre mortuary collectibles.

They have some lovely and unusual pieces, including real death masks, vintage Halloween decorations, “widow’s weeds” (some very nice mourning attire), furniture and lamps, cemetery art, and much more. Some pieces are (obviously), quite expensive, but there are many attractive items such as this remembrance card or this black funeral vase that are reasonably priced and would make an amazing focal point for a room.

They ship worldwide, so even if you aren’t local they’re worth a look. If nothing else, browse around their catalog to get an idea of the kind of thing you might inquire about at local antique shops. I’d love a sitting room done in Victorian funeral style, and this site gives me all kinds of good ideas.

(Hat tip to Tinman)

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