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Oh No, Another Link Dump

April 10th, 2009 by Cobwebs

I save every link that I might want to turn into a post, and eventually my Drafts folder threatens to collapse in upon itself and form a Blog Singularity that will destroy the Earth. So by weeding out links occasionally I’m actually saving the planet. You guys should thank me.

Friday the 12th – Cute little T-shirt from Snorgtees.

Parents Just Don’t Understand – Amusing “To Kill a Mockingbird”/”The Exorcist” mashup painting.

i-Toad – The Felting & Fiber site put together an astonishingly lifelike horned toad cover for a Roomba vacuum. I love the idea of something like this skittering around my floor.

Clockwork Couture – Flash “paper doll” with a closet full of steampunk-inspired clothing. I want everything in her wardrobe.

Blot Und Eisen – “Talented individuals” (all of whom so far are musicians) are shown Rorschach ink blots and their replies are posted on this blog. Some are weird, some are hilarious.

All I really needed to know about fatherhood I learned in Evil Dead 2 – This is rather eerily accurate.

Edgar Allan Poe Stamps – US postage only, I’m afraid. This would be the perfect stamp for sending out Hallowedding invitations.

Best Funeral Ever – This was actually an April Fool’s post by Improv Everywhere, claiming that they had crashed a funeral and pretended to be mourners. I actually sort of love the idea of finding a funeral with very few attendees and bulking up the crowd. But maybe that’s just me.

Shelves for Life – Wooden bookshelf that can be converted into a coffin.

Ety seller CraftyHedgehog, whose knitted dissections I’ve mentioned previously, has outdone herself with a new Easter Bunny dissection.

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