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Bearded Dragons as Pets

April 14th, 2009 by Cobwebs

Shadowboy and FriendI’ve previously talked about the gothy possibilities of keeping rats as pets,* but realized that I’ve never mentioned another excellent choice, the Bearded Dragon.

One of the major advantages that beardies have over most other reptiles is that they’re very docile. Most snakes and lizards don’t like to be held and try to escape whenever you pick them up. Beardies don’t mind being handled and can even be carried around on your shoulder. (Part of this is their lifestyle: Bearded Dragons feed by sitting still until something edible walks by, then rushing out and grabbing it. So they spend about 90% of their time sitting around anyway.) If you play with them regularly they’ll get comfortable enough to eat out of your hand, and they’re generally very reluctant to bite.** Overall they act much more “pet” than “trapped.”

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