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Corset Lampshade

April 23rd, 2009 by Cobwebs

Dita LampHere’s another one of those expensive-but-pretty-easy-to-replicate home decorating ideas.

Badder Homes and Gardens recently posted about this “Dita” lamp from oooh!design (caution: evil Flash site), which features a corset-shaped shade made of laser-cut powder coated steel. Something similar would be pretty easy to do using a regular paper lampshade and a hole punch.

Mark the design lightly on the inside of the shade (or draw the design on a piece of paper and tape to the shade as a pattern), then punch holes at even intervals. Glue fabric trim to the top and bottom, then thread satin ribbon through some of the holes to mimic the lacings on a corset. If you’re feeling especially frisky, you could make your own lampshade out of a sexy brocade fabric and then give it the lace-up treatment.

Bonus link: For another take on the corset lamp, check out this shade by DeviantART user LotD.

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