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Sugar Skull Easter Eggs

April 6th, 2009 by Cobwebs

Skull EggReign Trading, which sells Mexican sugar skull molds and supplies, has posted some very cool ideas for making panoramic Easter eggs decorated like calaveras. Their tutorial is here.

They don’t sell the egg molds, but they’re easy to find at cake-supply and hobby shops or online. If you don’t feel like digging around the site, their recipes for sugar skull mix and royal icing are here.

I love the way they’ve detailed their eggs, using little folk art skeletons for the “surprise inside” and adding handmade Mexican roses and mini-sugar skulls on the top. I also really like the bright colors and “we’re using skulls but it’s perfectly natural” vibe of these eggs (although I like the idea of a black-and-scarlet egg with a graveyard scene inside too). Once dry the eggs will last for years, so you could make a tradition out of decorating a different egg every year and adding it to your collection.

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