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Duck! It’s Another Link Dump!

April 3rd, 2009 by Cobwebs

Zombie StomperA commenter asked me a while back how I managed to find all this stuff. The short answer: I read too damn many blogs.

Zombie Stompers – Platform peeptoe shoes with a zombie motif (shown at left) from the UK. I don’t know what they charge to ship to the US, but I may soon find out.

Camille Rose Garcia Custom Wallpaper – Coolest. Wallpaper. Ever.

Stephen Einhorn – UK-based retailer offers gorgeous skull-and-crossbone-shaped bathroom faucets.

Zombie Playground – Rather chilling art print of kids on a playground fighting off a horde of zombie children.

208 OSEOsidades – A collection of 21 bronze sculptures by artist Saúl Hernández depicting gorgeously-detailed skeletons engaged in everyday activities.

Blood-Themed Furniture & Interior Design – WebUrbanist rounds up ten home design ideas with a “blood” theme. I love the table that appears to be made of blood frozen in mid-drip.

Pop Pillows – Pillowcases with trompe-l’oeil printing that give a sleeper’s head devil horns, a bloody axe in the noggin, and more.

Gothic Weddings Dream Team – Wedding Skulls mentions an Etsy feature of which I was previously unaware. Absolutely gorgeous stuff.

Vampires are in the news a lot lately. A Boston headmaster assures the public that there are no vampires at his school. This may be because they apparently have a school of their own. The Punk Rock Operations Research blog bursts our bubble with the marvelously-titled On Vampires and Stochastic Processes, showing with mathematical modeling why the vampire population couldn’t be stable. And Atom has a quick overview entitled The Evolution of the Modern Vampire (as a headliner on Fark subtitled it, “From Douche to Twilight”)

The First Church of the Intergalactic Fruitbat Steve – Now this is a religion I could endorse.

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