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Pulse Ring

April 7th, 2009 by Cobwebs

Pulse RingGiving new meaning to the phrase “with every beat of my heart,” the Pulse Ring from C. Roule Design features a custom EKG engraving on the inside of the band.

Send them an EKG printout and they will create a ring engraved with the pulse pattern, name, and date. This would be a unique and very personal wedding ring, but you could also have an engraving of, say, your baby’s heartbeat from an ultrasound or the EKG of a loved one who’s recovered from illness.

The rings come in several different metals and pricing starts at $495. They also offer a Pulse Pendant, starting at $795.

Their online store is “under construction” and their downloadable order form is a bit flaky,* but the form lists as a contact e-mail so you could probably just write and ask for ordering details.

(Incidentally, you could go DIY with the personalized-EKG idea and paint or embroider a pattern on decorative objects or clothing. The rings are very pretty, though.)

*It has a “.pdf.bin” extension: If you’re running a Mac, drop the file into StuffIt. If you’re on Windows, change the extension to “.pdf”. If you’re on Linux, good for you!

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