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The Book of the Dun Link Dump

December 2nd, 2011 by Cobwebs

Bat Plushies – Tutorial and free pattern for making adorable little stuffed bats.

Dearly, Departed – A young-adult steampunk love story with a zombie as the male protagonist. The author’s Big Idea makes it sound quite intriguing.

My Daguerrotype Boyfriend – “Where early photography meets extreme hotness.” (Hat tip to Beans)

Halloween Haunted Mirror – Neat half-silvered mirror with a faint “creepy child” in the background.

Jeweled Skulls – Interesting collection of jewel-encrusted skulls. pdq, who sent the link, suggests trying something similar with a cheap plastic skull and varicolored candies.

Apple Pie Cookies – These really aren’t cookies, just teensy little pies. I’m wondering if the same method could be applied to other fillings, such as pumpkin.

Genres – Surviving the World makes me giggle.

Bone Cathedral Chalkboard – Great tutorial for making a chalkboard decorated with bits of miniature skeletons. (Hat tip to Maven)

Cthulhu Christmas Calendar – Smartphone app that lets you “count down till the stars are right and presents can be opened from their evil slumber.”

Bloody Pumps – These look a little more “paint splatter” than “murder” to me, but they’re still rather pretty.

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