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Super Terrific Musical Thing

December 8th, 2011 by Cobwebs

You guys, have I mentioned how very, very much I love the Internet? There’s a site called 8tracks, whose tagline is “handcrafted internet radio,” which allows users to create their own music mixes and share them online. So you can search on tags like horror or cult soundtrack or Halloween and find things like this mix curated by ghoulnextdoor.

Each track displays a link to purchase it on iTunes, which is handy if you find something you really love. The service also has apps for iPhone and Android, so you can listen to it anywhere.

As with any free service, there are limitations, including the ability to skip more than a few tracks in a given time period. (On the other hand, it’s, y’know, free.)

I’ve already found a bunch of music that I believe I need to add to my collection. Check it out!

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