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Brave New Link Dump

December 23rd, 2011 by Cobwebs

Mesmerizing Cinemagraph Illusion – This is nicely creepy.

Bite Me – Vampire-fang bottle opener.

Downton Abbey Flat – Article about a woman who has gone Full Victorian in a one-bedroom flat in Leicester. The text has a bit of that point-and-laugh-at-the-weirdo vibe that this kind of piece tends to display, but the photos are lovely. (Hat tip to LimeyFish)

Memento Mori Watch – It’s a shame this is just a concept design because I would buy this so hard.

DeathPop Club – Bubblegum-type bands get a deathrock logo makeover.

Edible Wands – Instructions for making edible Harry Potter-style wands that will (depending on the type you make) change color when dipped in a liquid, glow under black light, or turn your tongue colors when eaten.

Kawaii Smartie Skulls – Cute little skull-shaped jello shots, with links at the bottom to previous recipes for spooky jello shots.

20 Rejected Horror Movie Posters – An amusing roundup.

X-Rays – Artist Wim Delvoye makes unusual stained-glass windows incorporating X-rays.

Twilight Blow Dryer – You guys, society has officially jumped the shark. Start stocking up on canned food and ammunition now.

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