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Bedrock Bones

December 14th, 2011 by Cobwebs

Bedrock BonesThe marvelous xJane recently pointed me to this post about “Bedrock Bones,” a line of hairties, necklaces, and other accessories that look like brightly-colored bones. She lamented that they don’t seem to be available in the US, which most likely is partly due to the fact that they’re all handmade (here’s the artist’s Facebook page) and partly because New Zealand is apparently beyond the grasping clutches of Hanna-Barbera’s legal department.

Fortunately all is not lost, since these should be easy to DIY.

At first glance I thought that the bones were made of hard rubber, but I suspect that instead they’re molded out of polymer clay. The shape of the bone is simple enough that even a beginner should be able to make something similar. You can search for “polymer clay tutorials” for tips on working with the clay, making holes for stringing (which you’ll need if you make a necklace), and so on. I couldn’t find any photos of the hair ties that showed how the elastic was attached, but it doesn’t look like it’s actually baked into the clay. A couple of sites on making clay hair accessories suggest attaching the elastic with a bit of hot glue, which should work well.

If you aren’t up to sculpting your own, you might try spray-painting little Halloween prop bones with plastic-safe paint and stringing them on a necklace or attaching them to a hair clip. I have to admit, though, that I’m much more taken with the shape of the Bedrock line, so taking the trouble to make them out of clay would probably be worth it.

These would be a cute stocking-stuffer, and would also be attractive as toppers for gift packages.

Thanks, xJane!

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