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The Link Dump Always Rings Twice

December 9th, 2011 by Cobwebs

The Death Psychic – Site which “predicts” how you will die. If you e-mail the Death Psychic with unique death suggestions he may favor you with a free T-shirt.

Anton Semenov – This artist’s illustrations are creepy as all get-out.

Blood Red Hot Chocolate – “Coffin Cafe Vampire Brew” hot chocolate mix, in a coffin-shaped tin, that turns blood-red when water is added. Awesome. The same site has some other neat Halloween items too.

So Now You’re a Zombie – “A handbook for the newly undead.” (Hat tip to Empress Pam)

Weirdly Cute – Etsy shop which sells jewelry that makes you look like your head has been stitched on, or that you’re dripping blood, and so on.

Add Punkness to Your Tank Top – Easy way to customize a tank top. (“Punkness?”)

Tattoo Watch – Attractive sugar-skull “tattoo” wristwatch. I like that the time is displayed on the skull’s teeth.

Hankering – One of Dooce’s “style” posts, featuring lovely artwork of ravens and graveyards.

Snowmen vs. Gnomes – Adorable little crocheted snowmen and garden gnomes…locked in a battle to the death. I particularly like the snowman that’s smothering a gnome with a snowball.

You’ve Lost That Lovecraft Feeling – If you don’t read Wonderella, you really should.

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