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Lord of the Tweets

December 5th, 2011 by Cobwebs

Recently, author John Scalzi* watched a Lord of the Rings marathon and sort of inadvertently live-tweeted it.

Orcs vs. Stormtroopers. GO. On second thought, never mind. Neither side aims well enough for it to be interesting.

They could have just distracted the Wargs by throwing a bunch of red bouncy balls and yelling “fetch.”

I wonder what ents do when they come across a book. I imagine there’s a lot of screaming.

Sitcom proposal: Frodo and Sam are roommates, Gollum is their cranky landlord. Gandalf as the wacky neighbor with a cat.

He’s gathered them all up into one epic (no pun intended) post. And in response to his tweet, “Dear world: I am deeply disappointed there is not a dubstep version of the Smeagol Fish Battering Song.” one of his fans stepped up to the plate.


*If you aren’t familiar with John Scalzi, go read Old Man’s War or The Android’s Dream right now. Now. Stop what you’re doing and go read them. Right now. Go.

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