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Four Weddings and a Link Dump

December 3rd, 2010 by Cobwebs

“Yoda” Bat Discovered – A new species of bat found in Papua New Guinea ostensibly looks like Yoda. I suppose there’s some vague resemblance, but I’m really mentioning the article because it just looks so darn cuddly.

Bluntcards – Ecards that combine vintage illustrations with snark. I particularly like this one.

Minnesota Borders Alfred Hitchcock – In the “can never be unseen” department….

Umbilical Cord iPhone Charger – I’m not sure if this is a real product or a clever mockup. Either way, gah.

Cthulhu Christmas Elf – Original polymer clay sculpture of…just what the title says. (I like the “It’s beginning to look a lot like End Times” bit in the description.)

19th Century Family Car Stickers – I wish these were an actual product instead of just Photoshop, because I would be mighty tempted to own a set.

‘Til Death Do Us Part – Engagement ring knuckle duster. It certainly…makes a statement.

Paul Pape Designs – Sculptor with a geeky bent who creates things like custom sculptures of game avatars, personalized cake toppers, and wearable button eyes a la Coraline (under General Geekery, toward the bottom).

Cannibal Snowmen – These are some of the most wonderful holiday cards I’ve ever seen.

Snip, Burn, Solder, Shred – Book of “geeky” projects to make with kids, including things like a muzzleloader that shoots marshmallows, screen-printed T-shirts, and a sock Cthulhu.

The Lovelace Reader – New magazine devoted to steampunk.

p.s. – This is a milestone of sorts, as it’s the 1,000th post published on the blog. Thanks to everybody for being a great audience; I can’t wait to start on the next thousand.

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