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Secret Santa Exchange List

December 27th, 2010 by Cobwebs

Our second Secret Santa Can Suck It exchange was loads of fun, and everybody definitely came through with the awesomeness. Below is a list of everyone’s “gifts.” Go take a look at all the marvelously creative ideas!

  • Cobwebs (Recipient: xJane)
  • xJane (Recipient: Inveigh)
  • Inveigh (Recipient: David)
  • David (Recipient: Mz.Nin)
  • Mz.Nin (Recipient: Finnley Mae)
  • Finnley Mae (Recipient: Melissa)
  • Melissa (Recipient: Cobwebs) – Melissa was stuck with no connectivity–shriek!–and was very apologetic about not being able to post her “gift” in time. I’ll pretend she gave me…hmmm…a tour of spooky places in Europe: The Catacombs in France, Castle Dracula in Transylvania, and so forth. It’s just what I wanted! Yay!

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