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My Best Friend’s Link Dump

December 17th, 2010 by Cobwebs

Cross-Stitched Skulls – These are very detailed and gorgeous. I’d love to see a pattern made available.

The Blinkybug Kit – Simple kit for making electronic insects; suitable for kids.

Melting Snowman Cookies – These are hilarious. Traumatize small children today!

Potion Jars – Adorable little prop jars made of old pill bottles covered with polymer clay.

Hipster Hitler – A webcomic whose name describes exactly what it’s about. I…um…yeah.

Crocheted Owl Pellet – I love the little animal bones.

Sleeping Bag Creature – Cute idea for recycling a blanket into a child’s sleeping bag.

Kill Vampire Lincoln – Wil Wheaton name-checked this production company, and I have to admit that I sort of love the T-shirt.

The Louisiana Swamp Monster – This is a hoax, and Forgetomori does a fine job of describing why. I’m linking to it because the picture is creepy as hell.

Istvan Laszlo – Artist who specializes in drawing famous peoples’ skulls. Because why not.

Rudolph (You Don’t Have To Put On The Red Light) – A rather excellent mashup, particularly if you’re old enough to remember the original Rankin-Bass Rudolph.

Skeleton – Dog carefully groomed and dyed to look like an anatomical model of itself.

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