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Stenciled T-Shirt

December 7th, 2010 by Cobwebs

Zombie TeeLast year bumblev of Tried and True made this attractive “zombie invasion” cardigan (with downloadable pattern), and this year she decided to repurpose it into a stenciled T-shirt (I love the picture of her little boy wearing the shirt).

The tutorial is appealingly easy (little more than paper and spray paint), and if zombies aren’t your thing the same technique would work well with any image that fits nicely along the bottom of a shirt. A line of spooky trees with the occasional flitting bat might be nice, as would a row of dancing skeletons.

If you’re careful with the stencils you should be able to re-use them, so you could make similar shirts for the whole family. Cheap! Easy! My favorite kind of project.

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