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A Link Dump with a View

September 14th, 2012 by Cobwebs

Death in Vogue – Loads of lovely goth fashion photography. (Hat tip to Jess)

Cauldron Mugs – These are ridiculously cute little mugs. There’s a matching serving bowl.

One Night in Lonesome October – Splendid Halloweeny Pinterest pinboard.

Morbid Abandonments – Photos of abandoned morgues. In case you needed a reason to never fall asleep again.

Creepy Animated GIFS – io9 characterizes these as being “from the creepiest computer game that never existed.” They’re low-res and weird and wonderful. (Hat tip to xJane)

Cthulhu Evening Bag – He’ll eat your soul and hold your lipstick.

Snake Cake – Astonishingly realistic cake that looks like a python.

Women Insects – Very cool collection of photographs that combine human models with insects. Possibly NSFW. (Hat tip to Sisifo)

Pumpkin Face Rum – Premium rum in a neat Jack-o’Lantern bottle. So far the site is just a splash page with a phone number; hopefully they’ll list retail locations soon.

Yurei Attack! – Handbook of particularly creepy Japanese ghosts, plus tips on how to combat them. The same authors also have Yokai Attack!, about notable Japanese monsters.

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September 13th, 2012 by Cobwebs

Matt Shirley makes wooden vampire hunting kits–although I’m somewhat more partial to the ones that I build–and has put together a rather splendid old-timey advertisement to promote them.

I think more vampire hunters should wear track suits.

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Stuff I Found While Looking Around

September 12th, 2012 by Cobwebs

You know what annoys me? Well, lots of things, really; I’m easily annoyed. But for the purposes of this post the particular thing that annoys me is uncredited photos being posted to Pinterest, Facebook or similar sites. With no source, there’s no way to find out more about them, and I’d really like to know who made some of this stuff. Phooey.

So here’s some random images I’ve run across recently; click to view larger. If you happen to know the source for any of these, let us know in the comments!

Coffin Cake

Coffin Cake
The covering appears to be fondant. I also like the decorations on the little cupcakes.
Maternity Shirt

Maternity Blouse
I love this design.
The Bride Cheesecake Pose

“The Bride” Cheesecake Pose
This is apparently ‘shopped–the head is pretty clearly this iconic shot, just reversed–but it looks fantastic.
Ouija Board Shoes

Ouija Board Pumps
I’m assuming these were decoupaged. There’s a good tutorial here if you want to try something similar. The trim appears to be sew-on rhinestone chain, which can be found at craft and fabric stores.
Skeleton Manicure

Skeleton Manicure
This is a great-looking effect, if you’ve got the patience to pull it off.
Skull Cake

Skull Cake
This is a wonderfully simple decorating idea, but it’s really quite elegant. The skull appears to be this one, which is also available in rainbow colors.

Artsy photograph. I quite like the imagery.

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Seen Online

September 11th, 2012 by Cobwebs

One Direction: The reason why we should’ve killed Justin Bieber before he could lay eggs.

If you stretch out all the blood vessels in the human body and lay them end to end then you are the slowest serial killer ever you weirdo

OH MY GOD. I CAN SPIN WEBS. I AM PART SPIDER. I CAN SPIN oh wait that’s a tampon string nevermind.

Bought some vintage furniture today. I guess you could call my style “previously owned by a dead person.”

“Can’t wait until I grow up & inexplicably become a chef at a fancy expensive restaurant!” — every tattooed kid into punk rock in the 1980s

Sometimes I hit myself in the face with a pie just so there’s a little comic relief when my life flashes before my eyes.

To figure what your porn star name would be, make a porno, then watch the credits.

[Planning] your funeral is the one thing in life you can totally blow off without suffering any consequences.
Basic Instructions

Some day, god forbid, Oprah will pass away and the cover of O magazine is going to get really creepy.

My favorite Tim Burton movie is ‘accidentally going inside a Hot Topic while on drugs.’

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Head on a Stake Cake Pops

September 10th, 2012 by Cobwebs

Cake PopsThis has been floating around the intartubes for a while now, but it’s worth a mention here anyway.

Ned Stark’s death and subsequent head-on-a-stake-ness was a big deal in Game of Thrones, and when Jennifer of Not Your Momma’s Cookie saw the teaser poster for Season 2, she thought, quote, “it kind of looks like a cake pop.” She is clearly our kind of person.

So she made some Ned Stark Cake Pops and they are just adorably macabre. Using wooden skewers as “stakes” is a great idea, and the red candy-melt blood around the base of the neck is a nice touch.

Even if you aren’t a GoT fan, the same idea could be used for other themes: Vlad Tepes wasn’t called “the Impaler” for nothing, and a field of staked heads would be a fine addition to a Transylvanian party. You could also do a voodoo theme with staked skulls (Bakerella has done skull pops for Halloween–about halfway down the page) and shrunken heads, or serve pretty blonde victims at a slasher-movie marathon.

Jennifer’s method uses Bakerella’s–who is pretty much the queen of cake pops–red velvet recipe. You can also find her base recipe here, and check out her site’s cake pops category for more decorating inspiration. (Come to think of it, a bunch of reindeer heads staked on candy canes would be an amusing “Santa Finally Snaps” Christmas party idea.)

(Hat tip to Sisifo)

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The Link Dump of Dorian Grey

September 7th, 2012 by Cobwebs

Pareidoloop – Online coding experiment that generates random polygons until facial recognition software identifies the result as a face. The results are oddly creepy.

Monster Patch – Cute fix for ripped jeans. (I don’t think I’d use felt; it isn’t terribly sturdy.)

Hang Boo on a Wall – Instructable for making an adorable little light-up ghost.

Anatomy Boutique – Hand-screened Dia de los Muertos wallpaper. Lovely stuff.

Kia Goth Commerical – Made me giggle. (Also a similar, “Goths are made perky!” thing from Irn Bru.)

102 Wicked Things to Do – Blog full of awesome tutorials for spooky projects. I particularly like the Tudor Toss and Evil Dead spellbook.

Shadows in the Woods – Interesting-sounding game meant to be played by candlelight.

Arkham Bazaar – For all your Lovecraftian needs.

Harry Potter Quilt – This is some great applique.

Baturday – Very peculiar Tumblr devoted to bats. And also Batman. But whatever. They’ve got an animated gif of that bat being groomed with a toothbrush and that’s good enough for me. (Hat tip to Sisifo)

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Candlelight Red Covers Roxette

September 6th, 2012 by Cobwebs

Metal covers of 80s pop songs amuse me far more than they ought to.

(Hat tip to WitchArachne)

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Dia de los Muertos Flamingos

September 5th, 2012 by Cobwebs

Muerto FlamingoYou’ve probably seen the skeletal flamingo lawn ornaments that have become popular as Halloween decorations. A couple of enterprising artists have taken the next logical(?) step and tarted them up as rather wonderful Day of the Dead calavera creations.

The Paisley Moon specializes in “glamping” supplies, and apparently that includes pink skeletal flamingos wearing earrings. There’s also a whole (unrelated) Etsy store devoted to the bony birdies: muertomingos has a variety of over-the-top flamingos, including some rather nice bride and groom sets.

These are also,of course, ripe for the DIY treatment. The base flamingos are cheap (in addition to the plain skeletons there’s also a devilmingo version) and could be repainted any color you like. Sequins, decals, and fake jewels can all be glued on, and the plastic is thin enough that you can punch small holes to insert the stems of silk flowers or wire on jewelry.

Their legs are plain wire because they’re meant to be stuck in the ground, but you can make them freestanding by drilling a couple of holes in a wooden base (which can then be decorated) and inserting the legs.

These are a fun, easy way to fuse “spooky” and “tropical” and would be great decorations for a haunted luau or similar party theme.

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Trivia Tuesday

September 4th, 2012 by Cobwebs

(No prizes, but if you can answer them all without googling you get bragging rights.)

  1. White Wolf released “Music from the Succubus Club,” a CD accompaniment to their Vampire: The Masquerade game, with each song (supposedly) representative of a particular clan. Which clan did Mission U.K.’s “Last Beat of Your Heart” represent?
    A) Ravnos
    B) Brujah
    C) Tzimisce
    D) Malkavian
    E) Toreador
  2. Laurell K. Hamilton’s “vampire hunter” is a necromancer who hunts down supernatural miscreants. What is her name?
  3. In the Stephen King story (and subsequent movie) Children of the Corn, what was the name of the boy prophet who spoke for “He Who Walks Behind the Rows?”
    A) Malachi
    B) Joshua
    C) Micah
    D) Isaac
    E) Job
  4. What was the title of Joy Division’s acclaimed 1979 debut album?
  5. In The Picture of Dorian Gray, Gray first discovers that his portrait is changing after he rejects the love of this woman:
    A) Victoria Wotton
    B) Lily Osbourne
    C) Alice Campbell
    D) Ila Lansbury
    E) Sybil Vane
  6. What singer is married to Neil Gaiman?
  7. The Bates Motel in Psycho is modeled after this Edward Hopper painting:
    A) The Lonely House
    B) House by the Railroad
    C) Captain Upton’s House
    D) House at Dusk
    E) Ryder’s House
  8. The Wiccan Sabbat that takes place on the autumnal equinox is called what?
  9. Bats all belong to this taxonomic order:
    A) Sirenia
    B) Chiroptera
    C) Coleoptera
    D) Dermoptera
    E) Araeoscelidia
  10. The well-known novelty song “Monster Mash” was sung by Bobby (Boris) Pickett. What was the name of his backup band?

(Answers below the fold)

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Ojo Señor!

September 3rd, 2012 by Cobwebs

Eye Street ArtI have no idea what the point of this is, but it’s rather wonderful.

Ojo Señor! is a street-art collective in Barcelona who adds glowing LED eyes to pictures–mostly those freaky kids from Village of the Damned, but more recently Edgar Allen Poe and a bunch of cats–and then post them on the street. And then they put pictures of the results on their Tumblr site. This is all silliness of which I heartily approve.

There’s no reason why we couldn’t play along at home. LEDs are dirt cheap, and there’s not even any wiring required: You can just tape the leads to a battery. Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories has a super-simple tutorial for using LEDs as flicker lights inside Jack-o’-lanterns, and the same method could be used to wire up your LED eyes. (Incidentally, EMSL also sells a range of LEDs.)

Then it’s simply a matter of sticking the LEDs through holes cut in the eyes of a photo and taping them in place; you might want to print the photo on heavy paper or mount it on cardboard so the weight of the batteries doesn’t make it sag. Post anonymously on telephone poles or leave in the office breakroom with a stern note about making a new pot of coffee if you take the last cup.

Fun! Easy! Mildly subversive!

(Hat tip to Sisifo)

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