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Trivia Tuesday

November 8th, 2011 by Cobwebs

(No prizes, but if you can answer them all without googling you get bragging rights.)

  1. In the movie Blade, what is the name of the vampire responsible for killing Blade’s mother?
  2. This author’s characters include an orangutan librarian, an animated piece of luggage, and Death (who really likes cats). Name him.
  3. In the “Oh My Goddess!” anime series, the heavenly computer that maintains reality is:
    A) Celestin
    B) Yggdrasil
    C) Verdandi
    D) Urd
    E) Skuld
  4. Monica Richards and William Faith comprise what Medieval-ish darkwave/goth band?
  5. In Poe’s The Raven, “the rare and radiant maiden” was named what?
  6. What book–which has been adapted for film several times–begins, “On those cloudy days, Robert Neville was never sure when sunset came, and sometimes they were in the streets before he could get back”?
  7. Thanatophobia is a fear of what?
  8. In what 1979 film does H.G. Wells use a time machine to pursue Jack the Ripper to modern-day San Francisco?
  9. After Bauhaus broke up in 1983, the members went on to form several other bands. Of the bands below, which one did NOT include ex-Bauhaus members?
    A) Dali’s Car
    B) Edith Grove
    C) Tones On Tail
    D) Love And Rockets
    E) The Sinister Ducks
  10. China Mieville’s Perdido Street Station includes lovely caterpillars which transform into monsters that can overcome anyone and devour their dreams and thoughts. What are these creatures called?

(Answers below the fold)

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