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The Little Link Dump That Could

November 25th, 2011 by Cobwebs

Human Blood Energy Potion – Caffeinated fruit punch in a “blood bag.”

Imaginary Image Blog – Interestingly surreal site consisting of descriptions of images that would be totally awesome if they existed. Things like, “A wide-angle photo of the milk section at a supermarket only one of the jugs is overfilled with blood and leaking out into a pool all over the floor” and “A photo taken inside an empty Madison Square Garden as a pack of wolves walk across the court”.

Professor Alexander’s Botanical Vasculum – Gorgeous steampunk terrarium.

Seance – Webcomic from AmazingSuperPowers. (Includes mouseover text.)

Harry Potter Weddings – Lovely photos of Harry Potter-themed weddings.

Astronaut Training Party – This isn’t even faintly goth but it’s such a splendidly detailed idea for a children’s party that I wanted to highlight it. It could be spooked up by tweaking the theme to involve hostile aliens, or make it a monster hunter-training party instead.

Spider Screen – I had never considered cross-stitching a window/door screen, but I love this spiderweb idea.

Wishing it Was Friday – Amusing “iconic” poster.

Cinderella’s Coach – Great “coach” made of artificial pumpkins and squash. This would be pretty painted with metallic or iridescent paint, too.

Skeleton Cupcakes – Tutorial (starts a couple of paragraphs down in the post) for making ridiculously cute skeleton cupcake toppers out of chocolate-covered pretzels.

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