The Art of Darkness

Triangle Skull Design

November 10th, 2011 by Cobwebs

Skull T-ShirtI recently ran across this neat T-shirt featuring a skull made of triangles, and although it’s great as a shirt it strikes me that the same idea could also be adapted to other media.

In particular, I think this would work well as a quilt. Quilts made from triangles (there’s a good primer here) are nearly as easy as those made from plain squares, which makes them a splendid project for beginners. Depending upon your skill and ambition, you could make a quilt with a different-colored skull in each block, or you could simply do one large skull which fills the center of the space. You can also choose whether to do the skull(s) in one solid color or use a mix of shades as shown here.

The nice thing about triangles (or plain squares) is that they’re easy to scale up or down. If you don’t feel up to tackling a whole quilt, a smaller skull would look great on a wall hanging, throw pillow, tote bag, or item of clothing.

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