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Link Dumps in the Mist

November 18th, 2011 by Cobwebs

Alternate Histories – Etsy store full of “vintage” prints from alternate pasts, such as maps of the Pittsburgh zombie outbreak and postcards of the Long Beach Monster.

It’s the Great Cthulhu, Charles Dexter – This Peanuts/Lovecraft mashup makes me awfully happy. (Hat tip to Urka)

Dick and Jane and Vampires – Amusing mashup of the classic kids’ storybooks. Run, Dick, run!

Necropolis Studios – Steampunk goggles, Lovecraftian jewelry, and assorted miscellany.

Vlad – Amusing vanity license plate.

Cherry Blossoms and the American Dream: An Excerpt – This isn’t exactly goth, but I just love the imagery.

Monster Shoes – Photos and general parts list for turning a cheap pair of shoes into something amusingly monsterish.

Birdcage Chandelier – Unexpected decorative use for a vintage birdcage.

The Ultimate Goth Guide – Rather grandly-named blog devoted to dark culture.

Gingerdead Men Cookie Cutter – If you aren’t quite up to drawing icing skeletons freehand, the pattern on these is a big help.

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