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The Link Dump with Two Brains

November 11th, 2011 by Cobwebs

Phat Quarter Horror Mash-up – Photos of a needlework swap with the theme “OMG! The Horror!” Part 2 is here.

Tattly – “Designy” temporary tattoos.

The Goth Workout – Sensible exercise tips for those who realize that “gyms are not goth.” (Hat tip to Bruno)

Merry Axe-Mas – Crafting for Cheapskates has some suggestions for giving cutesy Christmas decorations a holiday makeover.

Tombstone Salt and Pepper Shakers – Adorably morbid little shaker set.

Goblin Headdress – Tutorial for a pretty beaded headdress that’s more “Labyrinth” than “World of Warcraft.”

Twisted Bats – Interesting idea for making paper art that looks like a flock of bats. (via Creepy Cupcakes)

Your Glory Days Are Over Mr. Cthulhu – See how the mighty have fallen.

Jane Austen Knits – Special issue of Interweave which explores Regency-era knitting. (Hat tip to Linda)

Jonathan Fong Style – Design site with several decorating ideas that could be adapted to darker ends, like luminaria gift bags and rose ice cubes. I can almost forgive him for having a section entitled, “Fong Shui.”

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