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Wonders and Marvels

November 15th, 2011 by Cobwebs

Wonders and MarvelsLet me warn you right up front not to click on these links unless you’ve got a couple of hours to kill.

Wonders and Marvels began as a tool for Holly Tucker’s “History of Medicine” class for Professor Tucker and her students to post articles and links of shared interest. Then other academics started posting their insights on various historical matters, then writers of historical fiction got involved, and at some point the whole thing exploded into “a place for specialists and non-specialists to revel in the stories of the past.”

You can read a bit of Machiavelli’s biography, see a list of interesting books about witchcraft, read about the death casts of Pompeii, and learn whether mandrakes really scream.

There’s also a lot of related media, like a Goodreads group, Facebook page, and Twitter feed.

With categories like “Magic and Witchcraft,” “Unusual and True,” and “Wondrous Facts,” this site is right up the dark history buff’s alley.

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